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(1) Ethyl-DHA/ethyl-EPA supplementation would not prevent and benefit cognitive function in cognitively healthy older
¡¡ people;

(2) Algae oil (DHA triglycerides) doesn¡¯t slow down memory and cognitive declines in people with mild to moderate
¡¡ Alzheimer¡¯s disease;

(3) The clinical trials with 485 children aged 8 -10 years old showed unsatisfactory results on the improvement of cognitive
¡¡ and behavioral outcome after an oral intake of fish oil for 4 months;

(4) Alzheimer¡¯s disease prevention: a reality check;

(5) The greater bioavailability of omega-3 PUFAs measured after phospholipid liposome ingestion, compared with
¡¡ triglycerides ingestion, is supported by a number of animal and clinical studies

(6) No Association Between Mercury Exposure and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

(7) Plasmalogen synthesis is regulated via alkyl-dihydroxyacetonephosphate-synthase by amyloid precursor protein
¡¡ processing and is affected in Alzheimer¡¯s disease

(8) Autism Therapy: docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)

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